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Re:Incarnation re:focus

The focus of this blog has been to explore how we can fulfill our calling of bringing Christ into the world, of incarnating the Word in our lives through our actions. While that will continue to be our motivation here, I am going through a pretty big change in my life, and so the nature of my posts will change to reflect that. My wife and I have been accepted to the training program for Lay Mission-Helpers, which sends individuals, couples, and families to do mission work overseas. Our training begins in Los Angeles next week and runs through May 26 (my brother Ben’s birthday, coincidentally), and then we head overseas for three years, God willing. Our assignment location isn’t set yet, and we’re obviously not there yet, so for the time being I’ll be sharing any interesting insights and experiences we have.

Plenty more to come (I hope!) but for now I’ll just share a shot of the front of the big house we’re living in and training in, along with another family and another couple.

I may live in South Central LA, but Mary's got my back.

I may live in South Central LA, but Mary’s got my back.

The house is an old convent next to a church, and the kids are having a blast with their new friends (all very close in age to our kids!) and we are so blessed to have a chapel inside with the blessed sacrament present. Our rooms are right above the chapel!


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One thought on “Re:Incarnation re:focus

  1. I hope you all are having a great adventure!

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