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A single step

Our missionary formation program begins this week with orientation, and I am looking forward to diving in and getting on with it!  During the next four months, we will cover a number of different topics in order to prepare us for overseas mission work, including spiritual formation as well as nuts-and-bolts “what to expect” kind of stuff.  While I have little idea what the actual material we’ll cover is right now, the topics seem interesting: Mission Theology, Communication, Scripture, Intercultural Competence, Stress of Overseas Living, Moral Theology, Staying Healthy Overseas, Charism of Msgr. Brouwers (the founder of Lay Mission-Helpers), etc.  Those are just a few of the classes. Some of them are only a few sessions long, others are held weekly throughout the whole program.  I’m sure there’ll be plenty to talk, read, and think about as the program continues, but for now here’s a picture of my kids in their school uniforms:

they had a great time!

they had a great time!


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4 thoughts on “A single step

  1. Beth Turner on said:

    What will the kids do for school when you’re abroad? Will it depend on your location, or do you already know that you’ll be somewhere with a school? Or homeschooling? Or other?

  2. erichorne on said:

    school-aged kids will go to a local school, other kids will have at-home care, most likely.

  3. DO you know where yet?

  4. erichorne on said:

    not finalized yet, but am told Cameroon

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